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Category Archives: PR and Crisis Management

Cyber-Wathever Expert in Ten Steps

No need to know what you’re talking about when writing about computers. Just follow these 10 steps and gain major media and companies attention!

NSA, Search Engines and Political Competitions the Frank Underwood’s Way

Brexit, French GIGN and Italian GIS. Are Professional Media Committed to Truth?

One of the more often heard claims against “independent” online information is that “professional” journalist are exactly so, professional, thus giving the reader some sort of “quality assurance” about the news they deliver. The Internet, nonetheless, has proven this assumption wrong. Among the multitude of poorly informed articles published by “official” press, one example of […]

Dieselgate Volkswagen’s Advertising Strategy: Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Brand Invain

Yesterday I’ve stumbled upon the first Volkswagen’s TV commercial of the after-Dieselgate scandal. At first sight, there is nothing different from the previous campaign: a car, its technical specification, the unique selling proposition and, final, a company full-screen logo. But, as they say, the devil is in the details. The commercial only mentioned the car […]

The Dieselgate Crisis Management: Played by the Book

The way Volkswagen is handling the Dieselgate is a very good example of proper crisis management and seems coming from a crisis management handbook (such as “Master of disaster“): once discovered, the company neither denied the facts nor tried to hide it, announced an independent review, fired the culprits, called-in a new, serious manager started […]

Take It Personal or The Way of the Craftsman

Don’t take it personal. This is the mantra we’re all taught when entering the professional business. By don’t taking things “personally” – cognoscenti say – we are more independent, target-oriented, able to better work in a team. But in the meantime, by not “taking things personally”, assignments are something that ends daily at 5 p.m. […]

Parkinson’s Law Italian Edition Quoted By Gian Antonio Stella

Gian Antonio Stella, a well known  journalist whose articles are published by the most important Italian daily newspaper, Il Corriere della sera, just published a new book: Bolli, sempre bolli, fortissimamente bolli, about the bureaucracy cancer in Italy. At the beginning of the book (Kindle location 1853, to  be precise) he extensively quotes  La Legge […]

A fundamental book to understand Damage Control

Damage Control and Crisis Management aren’t easy to understand and master without actual field experience. Nevertheless reading good books help the introduction to these fundamental tools for a legal adviser. Master of Disasters is one of the books that should stay on everybody’s desk, read as a Bible.