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Category Archives: Software and Open Source

Bloomberg’s Article Delivers Misleading Information on Robot Insecurity

“Popular Robots are Dangerously Easy to Hack, Cybersecurity Firm Says” is an article by Jeremy Kahn published on Bloomberg Technology’s website that accounts for some vulnerabilities found in robot deployed in the industrial and home sectors.

The Danger of Remotely Managed (i.e. cloud-based) Software

Today you can buy a lot of software on a subscription, cloud basis scheme. Of course, from the software-house point of view there are no issues.¬† But from the users’ perspective the fact that cloud, subscription-based business models are widely enforced by the market, and that its supporters claim this to be an advantage for […]

The Buzz Aldrin’s Glass

Do you see this glass of water in front of us? To a pessimist is half empty… to an optimist is half full… to an engineer is just much too big. This is a quote form an interview that Buzz Aldrin gave to the Italian national broadcasting service on July, 21 2007. No need for […]

The Dieselgate Crisis Management: Played by the Book

The way Volkswagen is handling the Dieselgate is a very good example of proper crisis management and seems coming from a crisis management handbook (such as “Master of disaster“): once discovered, the company neither denied the facts nor tried to hide it, announced an independent review, fired the culprits, called-in a new, serious manager started […]

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate and The Danger of Closed Source Intellectual Property

The not uncommon practice in the ICT/Mobile business of “doctoring”products to look good on benchmarks has find its way into the automotive (and God knows into how many others) business. Volkswagen, though, isn’t the only to blame because, true, they cheated, but no public supervising authority† ever glimpsed at the software ran by its vehicles, […]

Hacking Team: A Class Action Against Adobe?

After the Hacking Team scandal, everybody and his cousin is calling for a “death sentence” against Adobe Flash, accused of being the “vessel” that allowed Hacking Team’s malware to land on users’ PC and smartphones. A logical consequence of this¬† vulnerability and its exploiting by several malwares, including those made by Hacking Team, would be […]

Giuffr√® Editore (Lexis-Nexis partner)’s Update Disturbing Policy

Lexis-Nexis Italian partner, Giuffr√® Editore, is active in both the editorial and software business. One of its tool is a java application to handle the electronic document filing to the Court’s dock. As the screenshot shows, the OSX version of this software requires on outdated java version because Giuffr√® didn’t update its code. As they […]

Does SHA-7 belong to the US NSA?

As everybody knows, the SHA-n is a series of cryptographic algorithm developed by the NSA and published by the US NIST. The current SHA-n lineup includes SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512. On the contrary, SHA-7 (see this link – italian only, sorry), a “proprietary, patented encryption algorythm” developed by an Italian company doesn’t belong […]

Software-Based Claims Attack Strategies

Under Italian laws, hiring a software-house to produce an industrial application may expose a non-IT savvy company to civil and criminal action filed by the software-house itself and/or by the other software-house that has been called to replace the one the initially did the job. This is the consequence of a lazy attitude towards a […]

Aperture’s EOL And The Consequence Of Livining in a Golden Cage

Apple discretely manage software lifecycles to push users into buying new, its new, expensive hardware. A recent news is that is going to dump Aperture, its photo management pro app, announcing in the meantime the availability of a “photo” application in the next iteration of OSX. True, Apple shall not drop the support for the […]