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A twenty years old jump into the future

Twenty years ago I jumped into the future. I wasn’t actually aware of it. To me it was just matter of meeting “cool” people who, like me, loved (someone else’s:)) computers. Twenty years after I’ve realized that I have been part of something great, though unacknowledged. Join the Metro Olografix Twentieth Birthday Party at

Lone Wolf Terrorism and Open Source Intelligence

Tomorrow I shall give a talk about Open Source Intelligence and Lone Wolf Terrorism at the “Terrorism and Crime”  international conference hosted by the University of Chieti. It will be a chance to debunk the next “national security excuse” invoked to increase mass surveillance and social control for the sake of our “safety”. Here is […]

Cybercrime convention and Computer Forensics. A talk at DeepSec

On Nov. 14, 2008 I give a talk at DeepSec. The topic is the end of computer forensics, after the enforcement of the Cybercrime Convention.

Italian Biotech Law Conference 2008

IBLC fourth edition deals with the impact of building a forensic oriented Italian DNA database. Just for the curious, here is the programme: Tuesday, Apr 8, 2008 – h 14,00/18,15 Palazzo delle Stelline Sala PORTA Corso Magenta 61 – Milano (IT) h. 14,00/14,15 – Registration h. 14,15/14,30 Opening and welcome speech Chairman Leonardo Santi President […]

School for Biotech Industrial Innovation Management 2008 is on

Prof. Marco Ventura‘s School for Biotech Industrial Innovation Management will start its Fourth Year on April 2008. The School is an initiative of the University of Siena, Italy, funded by the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena in the framework of the Siena biotech pole. Last year I have been invited to give a speech […]

A lecture on bioinformatics

Marco Ventura, head of the School for Biotech Industrial Innovation Management at the University of Siena invited me to lecture his students on one of my favorite topics: Bioinformatics and Copyright. I give my talk on July, 13 at Palazzo Chigi Zondadari.

IBLC 2007 – The conference is on!

It’s official. Italian Biotech Law Conference 2007 will start on Apr. 5 2007. Conference access is free, but registration is required (the room is big, but has its limits:) Here is the programme.

Privacy, corporate secret information and ICT. A speech at Infosecurity.

Tomorrow I give a speech at Infosecurity, the most important ICT security exhibit in Italy. The conference is (unfortunately) in Italian only, but who’s familiar with the language might like to have a look at the programme.

Italian Biotech Law Conference 2007

The IBLC 3th edition will take place in Milan, on Apr. 5, 2007 at the IFOM-FIRC facilities and will be available trhough webcast. The conference topic is Who Owns Bioinformation? More info on the way…