Italy, Data Protection, International Corporate Rules

Law n. 133 passed on Aug. 6, 2008 amends the Italian Data Protection Code and allow conglomerates and multi-national companies to freely exchange personal data, provided that their internal corporate rules system matches Italian Data Protection Regulation.

This is a way to circumvent the strict limits imposed by former regulation, that forbade the exchange of personal data with countries (like United States of America) with a lower level of personal data legal protection.

The piratebay case. A dangerous decision

The Court of Bergamo (IT) issued an order of preemptive seizure against, a swedish website accused of copyright contributory infringement, by running a torrent search engine.

The Court affirmed its jurisdiction even if there were no evidence of an actual involvement of Italian citizens, by not excluding, in theory, this possibility. If confirmed, this decision might disrupt the legal notion of jurisdiction, allowing every State to shut down  “disturbing” websites hosted in different countries.