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The Internet As an Intrinsic Threat: Yesbutters vs Whynotters

Italian politcians’ mantra, starting from the Chair of the Low Chamber, Boldrini and down to local parties’ minions is “The Internet is an opportunity but…” and then a stream flows of statement like “we need to regulate it”, “we need to keep it free for the righteous citizen”, “we must block hate speeches” and so on.

This reminds me of an old, untitled essay I read on Giancarlo Livraghi’s

Yesbutters donít just kill ideas.
They kill companies, even entire industries.
The yesbutters have all the answers.
Yesbut weíre different. Yesbut we canít afford it.
Yesbut our business doesnít need it.
Yesbut we couldnít sell it to our workforce.
Yesbut we canít explain it to our shareholders.
Yesbut letís wait and see.
All the answers. All the wrong answers.

For the positive part, dedicated to the Whynotters, just follow this link.

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