No, information are not the new gold


A New York Times article complains about “surveillance capitalism”  by re-repeating the usual “crying wolf ” lines: Facebook and Google surveil us, our behaviour is analyzed way more than “just” for marketing purposes, insurance companies might want to access our information and so on…

This article seems to support mantra such as  “information are the new gold”, “Information are the new crude” that keeps resonating in social network platform, digital world (self-professed) “experts” and traditional media.

But is this a correct assumption? Continue reading “No, information are not the new gold”

Apple to move its calves into another barn

A “new” i.e. “incompatible” feature on your brand new Macs: no more physical ESC key on the keyboard, to prevent your perfectly running software to do so. Adieu! VI!

A “new” i.e. “incompatible” power socket for your MacBook Pro, to force you to discharge your old charger.

A “new” i.e. “incompatible” file system on your Macs (APFS), to make your system interacting haphazardly with your files. 1

A “new” i.e. “incompatible” operating system (High Sierra) to not work properly with your currently running software (from Office, to Indesign and Illustrator.)

A “new” – guess what? yes, “incompatible” – HTML 5 API to allow DRMs enforced at user-agent level 2

There are now enough calves in the valley, and the time is right to move them to another barn, where they can stay calm and dumb, with nobody but the rancheros from Cupertino telling them what, how and when to do.

They finally got it.



  1. First hand experience, after having upgraded the laptop
  2. Apple, together with Microsoft and IBM chairs the HTML W3C Working Group that is going to standardize this “feature”.