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Category Archives: Marketing

Microsoft to admit Mac OS X is better?

According to, Microsoft launched a new ad campaign targeting the price difference between Apple and MS Windows-based notebooks. Advertising’s “unique selling proposition” ┬áis: “pay less, get all you need”, thus prospect buyer are (supposed to be) lead to focus their attention on a sort of “second – third? – best” option. Who really need […]

How to lie with statistics now available in Italian

How to lie with statistics, Darrell Huff’s bestselling book, is now available in Italian with the title Mentire con le statistiche.

Kidnapped by your own (XEROX) printer

Marketing geniuses strike back. Buy a printer (expensive, BTW) bundled with a supplies agreement bundled, and, only after paid the device, discover that you need a password to have your own printer working. How do you get the password? Easy: subscribe the supplies agreement at a non-negotiable price, and “own” the printer as soon as […]

Intesa Sanpaolo Internet Banking’s Catch 22

It might happens for some odd and unpredictable reason (at least from the user perspective) that the Internet Banking stops granting you access to your account (incorrect userid or password, they say.) Then you have to call customer assistance by phone, and the automated system, before allowing to talk to a human being, asks for […]

Intesa Sanpaolo: when marketing meets security

Recently Intesa Sanpaolo (born after a merge between Banca Intesa e Istituto San Paolo) moved its Internet banking authentication system from a password-based to a one-time-password-based access. They sell that “innovation” – ever happens in the ICT business – as a major increase in IT security and then as a benefit for the customer, but […]