The TIM-Huawei Decree and the Chinese’knot untangling

The Italian Presidency of the Council sets the conditions to include Huawei’s technology in the Italian 5G network and might ease the overcoming tensions between the USA and China by Andrea Monti

The Prime Ministerial Decree of August 7, 2020, allows TIM (the former Italian telco monopolist) to use Huawei’s 5G technology, having identified adequate measures to prevent the risks of using Chinese equipment for Italy’s new generation network. This news follows, and contradicts, the exclusion of Huawei from the tender to provide TIM with the same 5G devices because of the need for “diversification of partners” (a requirement lately imposed by the Conte-Huawei Decree). Originally published in Italian by Continue reading “The TIM-Huawei Decree and the Chinese’knot untangling”

Social Network To Privatize Geopolitical Strategies

According to Forbes, Facebook and Twitter have closed accounts of people linked to the Chinese government and used as anti-propaganda on demonstrations in Hong Kong. The decision came after unspecified “investigations”, at the end of which the two companies decided – in fact – to intervene directly by walking into in a matter of domestic policy of a sovereign state, setting a dangerous precedent. Continue reading “Social Network To Privatize Geopolitical Strategies”

Weibo vs Leica Camera AG: Social Networks and the loss of control over corporate brands

An advertising video titled “The Hunt” and aimed at promoting the “Leica experience” raised controversy in China because of a frame showing a lens that mirrors the Tank Man picture portraying the activist that in Tien An Men Square blocked a PRC Tank just refusing to give way.

As a result for what has been perceived as an infringement of the chinese social networking platfrom Weibo terms and conditions, the word “Leica” (both in English and Chinese) is banned from the platform.

Furthermore, the partnership between Leica and HwaWei to establish a Chinese presence of the German camera manufacturer seems to having being jeopardized, at least for now. Continue reading “Weibo vs Leica Camera AG: Social Networks and the loss of control over corporate brands”