Is ChatGPT going to be blocked again in Italy?

It is an open secret that the Italian data protection authority is very interested in becoming the regulator for AI. They have started to appear in different areas, intervening as much as possible in the public debate. The OpenAI case is clearly part of this strategy by Andrea Monti – this is an abriged and edited version of a longer article publishe in Italian by Italian Tech – La Repubblica Continue reading “Is ChatGPT going to be blocked again in Italy?”

The Digital Rights Delusion

This book examines the ever-increasing impact of technology on our lives and explores a range of legal and constitutional questions that this raises.

It considers the extent to which concepts such as ‘cyberspace’ and ‘digital rights’ advance or undermine our understanding of this development and proposes a number of novel approaches to the effective protection of our rights in this rapidly evolving environment.

Finally, it shows how the abuse of the adjective digital has demoted legal rights into subjective and individual claims.

The work will be of particular interest to scholars of privacy, artificial intelligence and free speech, as well as policymakers and the general reader.

Available on Routledge Website, and all other major online bookstores.

ChatGPT, Regulation and Superstition

The news of the lawsuit against ChatGPT brought by a person “accusing” it of defamation has been widely commented on as yet another example of the “dangerousness of artificial intelligence” and the “need for rules” to “tame the beast”,  implicitly confirming the ‘concerns’ advanced by various public bodies, in Italy and elsewhere. The real news, however, is yet another demonstration of how irrationalism, fideism and ignorance can prevail against facts, history and reason by Andrea Monti – Initially published in Italian by Strategikon – an Italian Tech Blog Continue reading “ChatGPT, Regulation and Superstition”

Science between Socrates and Gorgias

The change in the Italian government’s approach to the  management of Covid-19 has revived buzzwords such as ‘believing in Science’ and ‘trusting Scientists’ in the public debate. Like any (highly respectable) religious belief, ‘Science’ is elevated to the status of a deity to be worshipped uncritically through a host of saints and preachers. In Her name, beatifications, excommunications, auto-da-fé and (cultural) trials are promoted, reminiscent of those that condemned Guglielmo Piazza and Gian Giacomo Mora as untori —infecters. There has been no shortage, on the other hand, of charlatans, heirs of Alexander of Abonuteichos, and a myriad of individual ‘cults’ resulting from the arrogance, a sign of our times, of ‘knowing what they do not tell us’ in pure Napalm 51 style by Andrea Monti – Initially published in Italian on Strategikon – an Italian Tech blog. Continue reading “Science between Socrates and Gorgias”