ChatGPT and Knowledge Loss

ChatGPT is yet another ‘trend’ that, like blockchain, NFT and their offspings, will sooner or later disappear from the headlines (and from the professional qualifications of the ‘experts’). Meanwhile, warnings of millenarians, Luddites, Canutes and catastrophists are multiplying, never missing an opportunity to predict the ‘dangers to privacy’, the job losses caused by the use of AI to produce editorial content, studies and research, and the ‘bias’ that will lead AI to utter inappropriate ‘oracles’ or not in line with the politically correct. Then there are the heirs of Eliza’s ‘patients’, the software that in the 1960s imitated a psychotherapist of the Rogerian school, who ask ChatGPT existential questions and are amazed by the answers, and the plagiarists  who, in arts and in the workplace, take advantage of these platforms by claiming as their own the results of the automated processing of a topic (be it text, images or sounds) by Andrea Monti – Initially published by Strategikon – an Italian Tech blog. Continue reading “ChatGPT and Knowledge Loss”