Privacy for Sale. Just call it ‘Right to Personal Image’

On 16 June 2009, the Italian Supreme Court made public a ruling recognising the right of the well-known plaintiff Cgt to obtain compensation for damages to his privacy and his right to image caused by the publication of photographs that had portrayed him in August 2009, in an intimate relationship with his partner Ca.El. in the park of (omissis), in the Municipality of (omissis).  The ruling does not say whom Cgt and (although not a party to the proceedings) Ca. El. are because the protagonists of the affair had asked that their respective personal details not be disclosed. However, with patience, the mystery will be revealed at the end of the text, the (understandable) curiosity satisfied and the paradox of privacy revealed by Andrea Monti – Originally published in Italian on Strategikon – an Italian Tech Blog.

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Hong Kong’s national security law is another example of lawfare

A Hong Kong special tribunal convicted a citizen of violating the National Security Act imposed by Beijing. Formally in line with Western regulations, this law is a ballistic weapon capable of hitting the US, EU and UK by Andrea Monti – Adjunct Professor of Digital Law at the University of Chieti-Pescara Continue reading “Hong Kong’s national security law is another example of lawfare”