Adhering to the Treaty of Rome to stop wars

The International Criminal Court is an essential tool to give justice to the victims of war crimes. However, it can also be a deterrent to contain the military escalation of diplomatic crises. Especially if the superpowers would recognize its jurisdiction by Andrea Monti – Adjunct Professor of Digital Law in the degree course in Digital Marketing at the University of Chieti-Pescara – Initially pubished in Italian by
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GDPR is the victim of the ‘Analytics War’

T-209/21 is the case number that —regardless of the winner— will change if not the world, at least the industry based on personal data. On 1 November 2021, WhatsApp Ireland challenged before the European Court of Justice a binding decision of the European Data Protection Supervisor, which, in summary, questions how the company informs users and the nature and extent of the legitimate interest to profile users without their consent. The messaging platform’s defence argues on seven points, of which the most relevant are: the fact that the European Supervisor has interpreted the definition of ‘personal data’ in an extensive  (and not allowed) way and the violation of the ‘innocent until prove guilty’ principle by requiring Whatsapp to demonstrate the actual effectiveness of its user data anonymisation process instead of leaving the competent authorities with the duty to ascertain violations. These are two deadly blows because they are aimed at the two Achilles heels of the GDPR by Andrea Monti – Initially published in Italian on Strategikon – an Italian Tech blog. Continue reading “GDPR is the victim of the ‘Analytics War’”

Data Protection and scientific research, a change is urgent

Over the years, a reading of the legislation on protecting personal data (erroneously equated with ‘privacy’) has become entrenched, hampering scientific research. There is room to interpret the law more correctly and allow scientists to work more effectively for the common good by Andrea Monti – Initially published in Italian by Scienza in rete Continue reading “Data Protection and scientific research, a change is urgent”

On the release of AstraZeneca’s lots

After the Italian Council of State’s (the Supreme Court for Administrative Law) order on the off-label administration of hydroxychloroquine, once again judiciary powers judiciary show their unfamiliarity with logic and the scientific method. The price to pay is the delay in the vaccination campaign and the increase in distrust of vaccines by Andrea Monti – Initially published in Italian by Scienza in Rete Continue reading “On the release of AstraZeneca’s lots”