???? (dekimasu) is a Japanese chameleontic? verb whose literal meaning is “to be able”, that shapes itself into different things according to the conversation topic. So, you can use ???? as a synonym of ????(hana shimasu) when asking if somebody does speak some language, or as a substitute for ??????(shitte imasu) to ask if someone knows (how to do) something,

Above all, anyway, dekimasu is a rather interesting management concept because a single word contains the essence of a job or an assignment. ????? (are you able to…?) should be the first question to (self)ask when entering into a new venture or task. It implies defining the target, the path to follow to get there and the means to use. As much as these concepts look simple, they’re often under looked with dire consequences.

Answering the ????? question can save time, money and – sometimes – life.