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When Security Becomes Service Disruption: the Banca Popolare di Bari Case

The message reads: For security reasons, this ATM doesn’t provide cash between Friday, 16,30 and Monday, 09,00. We are sorry for the inconvenience. This way of looking at IT Security reminds me of those Security “Managers” who were use to advise to unplug the Ethernet cable at the daily close of business, to put it […]

There Is No Such Thing as “Information” Security

There is no such thing as “information” security.

After Apple, Facebook Is the Next Target of Judicial Orders to Cooperate With Prosecutors

According to a statement published on the Brazilian Policia Federal’s website, a criminal court issued a “mandado de pris„o preventiva” (roughly, pre-emptive arrest order) against Facebook’s representative in Brazil, charged of not having cooperated in providing information about a Facebook page. The Brazilian Court, unlike the San Bernardino’s one in the Apple case, chose to […]

No, Mr. Cook, A Flawed IOS Is Not Like A Sort Of Cancer

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, talking about the request made by the law enforcement community to weakens IOS† stated that to comply to what the FBI is asking, would mean write a software that is sort of the equivalent of cancer. The statement is technically wrong , a slap in the face of the people who […]

Become an IT security guru in 10 steps

Become a legal IT security expert doesn’t need a lot of effort and, with the due care, you can build your legend in a short time-frame following ten easy steps: learn the lingo (security is a process, not a product; don’t use simply-to-guess password, is your company ISO-27000-1 compliant? and so on), give yourself an […]

The Fake Data Processor and The True Criminal Liability

Under Legislative Decree 196/03 (the Italian enforcement of the Data Protection Directive) one of the most common practice when developing the data-protection corporate policy of a company is to appoint the heads of the various departments as “Data Processor”. Although easy on the short term, this solution might backfire the company itself. A recent Corte […]

How to poison 700.000 people and live happy with it. A case study in crisis management

According the Italian National Institute of Health, about 700.000 resident of an Italian Region, Abruzzi, have been exposed to water polluted by an abusive chemical waste storage that the national newspaper Repubblica labeled as the biggest in Europe. Although the existence of the wastes was widely known since 1972, only in 2007 the public prosecution […]

There is no such thing as “Information Security”

Security is Security. Period. No matter whether you’re designing a network, traveling around some third world country or assessing the pollution of the food you’re going to eat: security prowess comes from the confrontation of danger(s). There is something different in people who’s been exposed to dangers of every sort (soldiers, firefighters, ER personnel) and […]

On Death and Corporate Culture

Giancarlo Livraghi, who passed awat last Feb. 22, is not only one of the Fathers of the Italian Internet and a civil rights advocate. He is one of the most influential player of the international advertising business.From 1980 to 1993, until he retired to focus himself on the cultural implication of the (then) newborn Internet, […]

Barbarians at the gates and the world economic crisis

Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco¬†is a book that might have been written in present times instead – as it was – of the ’90s. The well documented (and very well written) account of the biggest leveraged buy out Wall Street had dreamed ever is a detailed explanation of how the financial […]