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Category Archives: Internet Governance

How Do Cameron and Obama Are Going to Forbid This?

This is – the news is as recent as today – what the Italian Polizia di Stato found during a Ndrangheta (organized crime from Calabria) related investigation. Although the cipher, in this case, is not that hard to handle for an expert codebreaker it shows that “old school” systems still work. So, following the announced […]

The (Italian) Internet Bill of Rights To Get Momentum

Starting from Oct. 27 and for the next four months ahead, the “Commissione per i diritti e i doveri relativi ad Internet” (Commission for the rights and duties related to the Internet) of the Italian low chamber launched a series of hearing with the major Italian and European players to gather information and suggestion about […]

The Roman Catholic Church Knows Better (about privacy and the Internet)

Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, the secretary of the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (the permanent assembly of Roman Catholic Bishops) stated that (my translation) The Internet is useful and effective, but the price we pay in term of privacy is huge and, talking about the Data Protection Authority, he said I don’t understand what these useless entities are […]

The Italian Internet Bill of Rights. The Trojan Horse Keeps Shaping

According to the Italian online newsmagazine the Italian Bill of Rights endorsed by Boldrini, the leftist President of the Italian Low Chamber (Camera dei Deputati) is almost ready and will affirm principles such “net-neutrality”, “right to privacy”, “right to universal access” and so on. If this is what is all this Internet Bill of […]

The Government Censorship Machine Ready to Start?

Laura Boldrini, the leftwinger president of Italian Low Chamber (Camera dei deputati) has endorsed the settlement of a commission “for the Internet-related duty and rights”. This commission is the tragical… sorry I meant “logical”, consequence of the dangerous “Internet Bill of Rights” campaign. Given Boldrini’s attitude toward the Internet,¬† I do hope that this commission […]

The Internet Bill of Rights. A Dangerous And Useless Idea

Italy (or at least, a little but noisy group of old-school netizens, politicians and academics) is in pole-position at the race for the Internet Bill of Rights, a sort of “constitution” to grant “internet rights” to the people. The Internet Bill of Rights is useless because doesn’t add a set of rights that we don’t […]

Boldrini (the Italian Low Chamber President) Asks For New Internet-related Regulation

Boldrini, a leftwinger, President of the Camera dei Deputati (the Italian Low Chamber), asked for a new set of Internet-related regulations during a conference whose aim was to advocate a (useless) Internet Bill of Rights. Boldrini, that isn’t new in such exploit, enforces the old rhetorical technique of stating something as a general issue, while […]

Mesh Networks and BBS. Re-inventing the Wheel?

An important Italian online magazine just “discovered” today the possibility to build a “parallel-Internet” by using WI-FI antennas, no need to purchase an access-plan and (allegedly) free form NSA’s peeping eyes. Of course, the buzzword is “revolution”. I can’t stop being amazed by the candid ignorance of these contemporary “digital cognoscenti” or “digital natives”. They […]

The Danger of the New Crusaders and the Risk for the Medical Research, an Italian online newspaper, accounts for the cancellation of a fund-raising initiative to collect money for the research on rare disease. The cancellation has been motivated by the fear of riots provoked by animalist activists who object living animals to be used in medical research. This form of terrorism is a dangerous growing trend […]

The Content Filtering Hysteria… again

According to the Italian online newspaper, the UN-appointed expert Frank La Rue expressed concerns about the effect of an upcoming copyright-related regulation announced by the Autorit√† per le comunicazioni (AGCOM an independent, State-appointed body superseding the broadcast and telco secondary regulation) on of free-speech. AGCOM is trying since longtime to enforce the French HADOPI […]