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Category Archives: Digital investigations and Forensics

Hacking Team: The True Culprit

In 1999 Mark Minasi wrote The Software Conspiracy: Why Companies Put Out Faulty Software, How They Can Hurt You and What You Can Do a book about. In 2004 Alan Cooper wrote (and I translated the Italian version for Apogeo) The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How […]

Hacking Team: Silence On The Wire

Sometimes, what isn’t told is more important then what actually is. None of the Italian mainstream primetime talk shows, usually very fast in arrange a panel of “experts” to help Joe Sixpacks’ audience understanding what’s the fuss, spent a single second with the Hacking Team case. And the news already lost its momentum on the […]

My Two Cents on the Hacking Team Hack

What happened to Hacking Team neither is the first nor will be the last time a security company that lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Neither this is the first nor will be the last time that huge quantity of critical data are made available through the Internet. So, to some extent, there […]

Does the French Intelligence Actually Have Such Big Gaps?

A significant part of the aftermath of an event is the so called “post mortem”: a thorough analysis of  what went right, what wrong and why. While “post-mortem” is a common practice within complex organizations and helps detecting flaws to be fixed or positive actions to be standardized, it must not be confused with the […]

The Italian Home Affair Minister To Call For Another Internet Crackdown

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, as a way to improve the “safety” of the citizen, the Italian Home Ministry Affair, Alfano (a right-winger)  called for: a “registration” of “dangerous” websites, a further enhancement of the ISPs duty to block access to (terrorism-related) Internet resources, an exception to the data-protection regulation, to allow […]

Child Pornography And Computer Crime Still a Criminal Offense in Italy

Several misinformed Italian blogs are currently claiming that the Renzi-led government just passed a draft-legislative decree making child pornography and computer crimes no more a criminal offense. This is not true because what the government actually did was setting the principle that as soon as a crime is punished with a jail term up to […]

The (defunct) Data Retention Directive Still Causes Harm

Notwithstanding the Data Retention Directive has been bashed by the EUCJ Ruling, there is a wide agreement on the fact that its national implementation might still be valid if not in contrast with the main Data Protection Directive. Just yet, neither the Italian Parliament nor the Data Protection Authority ran the “stress test”, thus leaving […]

Data Protection and Right of Defense. Stating the Obvious

Yet more evidence that Data Protection is not an absolute right. On the contrary, as the Italian Supreme Court decision n. 7783/14 said 1 a few days ago: the interest to the protection of personal data must step back when confronted by true defense needs and other legally relevant interests, such as the fair and […]

The Impact of the Data-Retention ECJ Ruling on the Law Enforcement Activities

From the Law Enforcement perspective, the ECJ ruling that on Apr. 8, 2014 declared invalid the Data Retention Directive didn’t harm its investigation to such a greater extent as somebody has claimed. There are, indeed, other legal tools that can be used to fit the purpose of getting traffic data of interest. First, ISPs and […]

Reverse Engineering of the gray world: Intelligence as a black-box

Back to one of my first love: next March 11 (Rome University La Sapienza) and 20 (Milan University Statale) I have been asked to talk about “Reverse Engineering of the gray world: Intelligence as a black-box” and “Use(less) online Open Source Intelligence”.