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Monetizing Your Internet Self. The Uros Baric Case

At the beginning of the Internet-Era marketing “experts” led people into thinking that the simple fact of having a website would have made them “rich”. To some extent this legalized scam (turned out into the infamous Internet-bubble) has worked efficiently luring the greed-part of our “self” and still preserves its momentum.  Time passed but the […]

What the US FCC Ruling on Net Neutrality Actually Means

The US FCC Ruling favouring Net Neutrality is a definitive step toward the shift of  Internet-regulation-power from the Parliament to the Government. It is of little importance whether the FCC endorsed or rejected the (notably wrong and unjust 1) idea of Net Neutrality. What actually counts is that somebody else than a Parliament self-advocated a […]

Search Engines And Short Term Memory (or: the digital Alzheimer)

I was looking for the source of a satirical quote I’ve read years ago and, of course, I tried Google as first tool, but with no results. The only option would have been to go back in my garage, open the boxes where I stored the old newspapers, and try to find the line I […]

There Is No Such Thing As “Business” Apple Store

By purchasing an Iphone and an Ipad through the Apple “Business” Store I discovered that to Apple there is no actual difference between a professional and a private customer: both orders fall within the same SAP pipeline and there is no “fast lane” for the corporate world (at least for the average “business Joe”.) Furthermore, […]

Our Digital Health And Electronic Money. IT Security Gets Tough

Let’s say the truth: IT security is just a bubble that no “serious” manager cares of. There is no possible explanation for the fact that today we keep talking about the very same things I’ve heard back in the early nineties, sold by somebody who wants to re-invent the wheel. But the indirect Paypal attack […]

Google and Germany’s Ministry of Justice: A Wrong Idea of Dominant Position

The Germany’s Ministry of Justice asked Google to disclose its search algorithm because of the Mountain View company dominant position on the relevant market. The request is not legitimate at least for two main reasons. First: Google’s current “market position” is not based on a “users’ lock-in” as in the file-format case (for longtime, not […]

Iphone for Business? At Your Own Risk

Buying a Iphone as a business tool from a mobile operator is – at least in Italy – a problematic issue. As I have personally experienced, if the devices breaks after the first, Apple granted, warranty period, you can’t do anything else but drop it in a local store, having shipped to a repair facility, […]

The Legal Status of Bitcoin in Italy

While it’s easy to think of Bitcoin as a “currency” things become complicated when approaching the issue from a legal (though, Italian) perspective. Under Italian law, Bitcoin neither is a “currency”, nor the equivalent of check or a credit card. Is “just” a good that people freely chose to put some value into, like an […]

Web tax in Italy. Why just “web” companies?

An article published by The Financial Times, supports the idea that the companies making monies from the digital buy/selling of goods and services should pay taxes without “eluding” the fiscal regulation. The Italian newspaper Huffington Post – and its sibling, – jumped on this article using as leverage to sustain the feasibility of  the […]

EU:a State-approved professional to connect a router to a socket? Italy already got it

The “discovery” that Italy is going to enforce the EU directive 2008/63/CE by imposing that only a State-approved professional can connect a router to a socket has generated some sort of  hype among those who’re not familiar with the Italian legal system. Since 1992, in fact,  the decree of the Ministry of communication n.314 already […]