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Business Insider and the Western Centric Arrogance (Oversimplification, again)

A couple of articles from Business Insider just gave me the chance to talk again of the interconnected world cultural oversimplification problem, and the (lack of) responsibility of professional information provider (not only journalists, I mean.)

Bruce Lee, Getty Images and the Dangers of Cultural Oversimplification in an Overconnected World

The Internet is a necessary tool to handle international exchanges. Online Professional Content Delivery Services should pay the utmost attention to the information they release

Cyber-Wathever Expert in Ten Steps

No need to know what you’re talking about when writing about computers. Just follow these 10 steps and gain major media and companies attention!

Intesa Sanpaolo and the Careless Copywriter

I have always been fascinated by the unwanted consequences of an advertising slogan, and by the lack of perspective of (some) communication campaigns. This time, what grabbed my attention was a claim published on Intesa Sanpaolo website, whose small-prints read: Until July 2, in Rome, Milan and Turin, the experience of living with no cash. […]

Blogger Liability for the users’ posts? The Italian Supreme Court Never Said It

The decision n. 54946/2016 released by the Italian Supreme Court – Vth Branch  that held a blogger liable for defamation for a libeling post on his website is gaining momentum in Italy as a case law affirming the automatic liability of a blogger for the behaviour of the people who posts comments.  But  this is […]

The President of the Italian Low Chamber, Blodrini, holds Google and Facebook “ethically liable” for what the users do online

According to Laura Boldrini (left wing), President of the Italian Low Chamber, Google and Facebook are ethically liable for what the users do online. Talking about the (venerable) online hoaxes phenomenon, she verbatim stated:  They are not telcos, they have an ethical and social liability. While obviously it isn’t only their fault if hoaxes are […]

How Digital Technology exposed the Audiophile Fraud

Audiophile hardware… pardon, equipment, is expensive. Full stop. It is a “given” that to enjoy “true” music you must allocate a budget that equals the purchase of a supercar otherwise, as Califano (an Italian singer) used to sing, tutto il resto è noia (everything else is spleen.) But is it actually so? Currently I’m listening […]

Safety, the IT Crowd way

Brexit, Donald Trump and the Dark Side of the Internet

The Brexit’s outcome, Donald Trump to become POTUS (President of the United States) and, before that rise of “populist” political wings, are all a consequence  (I hate to say it) of the Internet. Of course, the Internet is not the only factor, but facts show that it contributed largely to a shift of the people’s […]

Smartwhatever, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence. When Marketing Tricks Lead To Dangerous Effects

If we give marketing buzzwords its proper meaning, a lot of hype disappear and things can be looked at in a less fancy while easier and pragmatic way. So, for instance, SmartWhatever is just an electric/electronic tool with expanded (although limited) programming capability. “The Cloud” is just either an FTP or a grid/parallel computing service […]