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Category Archives: Industry and Market

Stop Apple and Google To Take Over Our Cars

Google just announced its “Android Auto” platform, while Apple already did  it with Carplay. Both platforms require an Internet connection and, it is just matter of time, will become more and more deeply interconnected with the car control system. But software do fail. It fails because there’s no such thing as a bug-free software, it […]

The “Specialist” Lawyer… Whatever It Means

An upcoming regulation – still in draft – will regulate the possibility for an Italian lawyer to call himself “specialist” of something. This “specialist patch” will be obtained by either attending seminars and courses or by showing evidence of practicing in a specific field (BTW, in the mandatory list of field of practice, there are […]

Monsanto to challenge EU biotech inventions directive

The EU Court of Justice will soon issue a decision on a biotech-patent case filed by Monsanto Technology LLC trying to broaden the scope of the EU directive on biotechnological inventions. On March, 9 2010 EU Court’s Attorney General released an opinion, although not forcing the Court to accept it –  dismissing Monsanto’s legal claims.

Italian Biotech Facts and Trends 2008 released

Biopolo just released its annual report on Italian Biotech industry. Here is the link.