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No More Mandatory Data Retention in Italy? – Update

As a consequence of the Parliament/Govern inactivity, the huge quantity of traffic data that survived the June, 30 midnight – and that some ISP might still have in its own hand, maybe hoping for a last-minute, never passed, prorogation – is currently being deleted. Right now, traffic-Database deleting schedules should have been re-set to the […]

NSA, Search Engines and Political Competitions the Frank Underwood’s Way

The Web is ISIS’s Nuclear Bomb

The Web is ISIS’s Nuclear Bomb. This is what Loretta Napoleoni, author of books on the economic side of terrorism, wrote in an article for the leftwinger Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. Napoleoni claims that – as the Marxist ideology did in the past with the “word-of-mouth” or, better, “word-of-book” – ISIS’s propaganda gets its […]

War is fought with bullets

True, the monumental unscrupulousness of the ICT business (which sells systems without concerns for the security side), and the naïveté of its clients (trusting hardware instead of good practice and appropriate security processes) built today’s western digital infrastructure as a Colossus with feet of clay. True, this made the Western World a soft target for […]

Légion étrangère and Kamikaze. Dangerous Rethorical Stunt of Italian Politicians and Media

Undersecretary Marco Minniti, superseeding the Italian Intelligence activities on behalf of the Government, gave out his two cents about the war on terrorism – the Italian Way, announcing a private-public project to fight cyberterrorism and claiming that Europe hosts the Légion étrangère of Terror. Here is the screen-shot of his statement: Well, I don’t want to […]

Italy To Storm Playstation Networks? The Steve Jackson Game Case Strikes Back

According to Andrea Orlando, Italian Minister of Justice, Italy plans to fight  the war on terrorism on Playstations. In a press conference, Mr. Orlando said that new technologies are exploited by terrorists, and it is imperative to keep pace with the innovation, by allowing the capability to wiretap chat (whatever this means) and Playstations. Apart […]

How Do Cameron and Obama Are Going to Forbid This?

This is – the news is as recent as today – what the Italian Polizia di Stato found during a Ndrangheta (organized crime from Calabria) related investigation. Although the cipher, in this case, is not that hard to handle for an expert codebreaker it shows that “old school” systems still work. So, following the announced […]

The Italian Home Affair Minister To Call For Another Internet Crackdown

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, as a way to improve the “safety” of the citizen, the Italian Home Ministry Affair, Alfano (a right-winger)  called for: a “registration” of “dangerous” websites, a further enhancement of the ISPs duty to block access to (terrorism-related) Internet resources, an exception to the data-protection regulation, to allow […]

The Security Excuse

This is a close-up of a banner belonging to the Prefecture de police, Paris, Rue de la citè. Actually this banner says nothing special but what a public police power is supposed to do; nevertheless  – as I wrote commenting the picture – I don’t know why, but every time I hear a public power […]

Reverse Engineering of the gray world: Intelligence as a black-box

Back to one of my first love: next March 11 (Rome University La Sapienza) and 20 (Milan University Statale) I have been asked to talk about “Reverse Engineering of the gray world: Intelligence as a black-box” and “Use(less) online Open Source Intelligence”.