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Category Archives: Biobanks

Enforcing the GDPR: Authority vs Legal Interpretation

In the last couple of days, commenting a Linkedin post about Article 29’s (the future European Data Protection Supervisor) opinions, I’ve been involved in an interesting thread that can be summarized as “Authority vs. Legal Interpretation”.

Upcoming Data Protection Regulation to Hampers Genetic and Pharmaceutical Research

The privacy hysteria that since twenty or so years affects policy makers and data protection authorities, reached a new peak with the upcoming data protection regulation whose text has been published last Dec, 18, 2015. While, thanks God, the text clearly states that “biosample” as such aren’t “personal data” genetic data should be defined as […]

Wrongful Conviction and Protection of the Innocent

Tomorrow, at the University of Milan, I shall participate to a round-table organized by the Italy Innocence Project. The topic is: The Italian Legal System and the Judiciary Mistake. Here is the full program: ERRORE GIUDIZIARIO E TUTELA DELL’INNOCENTE WRONGFUL CONVICTION AND PROTECTION OF THE INNOCENT EVENTO SPONSORIZZATO DAL CENTER FOR THE GLOBAL STUDY OF […]

Data Protetcion, MTA, Human Samples and Identity Backtracing

To comply with privacy and data-protection regulations, Material Transfer Agreements for human samples often state that the samples are either anonymous (meaning: the donor institution doesn’t know at all the ID of the patient) or anonymized (the donor institution only knows and keeps secret the patient ID.) But this compliance approach won’t work anymore, since […]

Faked DNA and Criminal Trials in Italy

“Authentication of forensic DNA samples” is a paper released on the last Forensic Science International: Genetics issue by a group of Israeli researchers. Authors claim to have found a method to fabricate artificial biological samples (and the way to tell the differences from the original one) and wish that their finding will become a standard […]

Italian NDNA database. The devil is in the details

On June 30, 2009, the Italian Parliament finally passed Law No. 85 that ratifies the Prum Convention and forms the legal ground for the creation of an Italian National DNA Database (NDNAD.) Although this law might have benefited from UK and USA court experience in the field of DNA forensics, the current text indicates that […]

Italian data protection authority to (apparently) sanction Carabinieri’s DNA forensics biobank

On May, 25 2009 the Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) disclosed the results of an investigation over the DNA forensics database run by the Carabinieri’s Raggruppamento Investigativo Speciale (RIS.) 1 According to the laconic press release, the DPA ordered RIS to enforce stricter security measures to track who access the database. Although the DPA (as […]

One step ahead towards the Italian National DNA Database

On Dec. 23 2008 the Italian Senate passed the law that allows the creation of an Italian National DNA Database (NDNAD.) When the Camera dei deputati (a sort of Lower Chamber) will grants its approval the law is approved. Technically speaking, there is room for amendments, but this is improbable and, even if amendments come, […]

Towards an Italian National DNA Database

Italy started the legal process to establish a National DNA Database. A draft law proposed by Goverment (and not yet approved by the Parliament) establish the power for Law Enforcement officer to obtain DNA samples with moderate use of force, inflicting a minimum pain.This provision is said to be necessary in case the suspect refuses […]

IBLC 2008 podcast available

IBLC 2008 has been a success. Here are the conference’s podcast. Enjoy!