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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Italian Democratic Party’s Competition: faxes aren’t good enough to support a candidate

The Italian online daily magazine announces that Furio Colombo (S-DS) will not run for the future Italian Democratic Party board (the new political entity that next October will merge Margherita and Democratici di sinistra into one, big party.) The reason is – Repubblica says – that Mr. Colombo got his votes by fax – […]

Is the “Peppermint case” a scam?

The “cease and desist” letters sent by Peppermint lawyers to the Internet users’ – whose identity has been dislosed by a questionable decision of the Court of Rome – allegedly infringing German label’s copyright contains a legal trick almost unnoticed that expose people to criminal investigations even after having paid what Peppermint’s lawyer ask for. […]

Schengen III Agreement. Italy is ready to adhere?

Rumors say that Italy will be the next country to create a nation-wide DNA forensics database. A bill has recently been proposed, and the enforcement of the Schengen III Agreement seems closer than ever.

A lecture on bioinformatics

Marco Ventura, head of the School for Biotech Industrial Innovation Management at the University of Siena invited me to lecture his students on one of my favorite topics: Bioinformatics and Copyright. I give my talk on July, 13 at Palazzo Chigi Zondadari.

Italian Data Protection Law badly injured… whoduneit?

Last June 5, 2007 the Italian Camera dei deputati (roughly, a sort of US “lower house” equivalent) passed a law to excuse Small Medium Enterprises (SME) employing no more than 15 people from the enforcement of mandatory security measures to protect personal data. To enter in full force the law need to be approved by […]