Skype outage raises again network design issues

Recent Skype outage, apparently fault of a denial-of-service attack on the Skype centralized login infrastructure, raises again the intrinsic flaw of designing a service or an application (even partially) based on a centralized network topology.

As the recent facts show, offering a service with a Single Point of Failure creates a “domino effect” whose legal implications (in terms of damages suffered by paying clients) might bear unforeseen consequence. The “flawed-by-design” kind of liability might, indeed, lead to a class action against Skype for having knowingly chosen to build their service on a technical structural weakeness.

Of course, I imagine that should that issue be taken into Court, ICT expert witnesses will play the major role in addressing the underlying technical issues.

2 thoughts on “Skype outage raises again network design issues

  1. Whatever the problem it is effecting the globe, as nobody in my family in Australia,UK,Italy, rest of Europe South Africa has been able to log in in and it is day 3 now.Most annoying when there is important things to discuss. My partner and I work from home and use Skype to contact business associates clients etc. Our mobile phone bill will now be vastly high.!!!!!

  2. same shit with me. I work using skype and i can do nothing at the moment because of this fucking shit with skype

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