The Rain, Matteo Renzi and His Honour Guard

The picture of the Italian Prime Minister running to avoid being soaked by the rain while the honour guard stood still under the storm is a lapsus showing his lack of self-control: instead of sharing the “fate” of his men, he just cares for himself.

Waiting for the next downpour, it might worth to read Hagakure’s “Lesson of the Storm”, 1 useful not just for handling a rainy day.


  1. Fear Not the Rain
    You must understand the “lesson of the storm”.
    If all of a sudden a man is caught by a storm he will run as fast as he can ? to find a place to rest not to get soaked.
    But if he does accept that when it rains one gets wet, he can stay in a calm state of mind even if soaked to the skin.
    This advice works for everything.