Data Retention in Italy. The state of the art

This table summarizes the new Italian Data Retention Regulation.

Data Retention timeframe
(italian version taken from Interlex)

Data and Retention scope Retention Duration Provision
Traffic-related data not included in Sect. 123 para I and II Data protection code Anonnymized or deleted when no more necessary Sect. 123, Para I
Traffic data strictly needed for billing purposes, and/or support customer claims 6 mpnths, or more, in case of legal action Sect. 123, Para 2
Traffic data for marketing purposes, or Value Added Serice purposes As needed, only if the customer opted-in Sect. 132, Para 3
Traffic data (voice) for criminal investigation purposes 24 months Sect. 132, Para 1
Traffic data (digital) for criminal investigation 12 months Sect. 132, Para 1
Unanswered call-related data 30 days Sect. 132, Para 1-bis
Network related Traffic Data – upon concerned authorities order, for preemptive investigation and/or prosecute specific crimes – From 90 Days, up to six months Art. 132, c. 1-quater

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