Fastweb answer to Data Protection Authority

In a previous post I talked about the complaint I sent the Data Protection Authority about Fastweb (an Italian Telco maverick) phone SPAM. Following my letter, the Authority asked Fastweb to provide justification and additional information about that issue.

I can’t publish neither the Data Protection communication, nor Fastweb answer. But I can post the comment I’ve sent the Commissioner about the situation:

Pescara, Mar. 16 2007

dott. Luigi Montuori
Autorità garante per la protezione dei dati personali

Dear dr. Montuori,
I received – in cc – Fastweb answer to the request for information the Data Protection Authority sent them and – while knowing that technically I have no right to be active part of the administrative proceeding – I would like to do some comment on the issue:

  1. the – odd – Fastweb claim (someone else did it) need to be demonstrated. The should disclose the call-center provider identity and explain where does the list they use come from,
  2. identity of the – unknown, following Fastweb claim – people that called my firm can be easily spotted – as I’ve already asked in my previous letter – by asking Telecom Italia which number called mine in the concerned timeframe,
  3. As the Authority already said, the fact that my contact informatio are published on my firm website, doesn’t imply that they can be used for different (i.e. SPAM) purposes.

To put it short: it is highly improbable that someone “stole” Fastweb identity for three times, and I don’t believe Fastweb’s claim can be accepted as “face value”.

Thanl you for your attention.

Andrea Monti

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