How Hypocritical Is To Pretend To Care about Customers!

Another clichè now ubiquitous is that for which the “customer – or, as far as the GDPR is concerned, the data-subject – must be pampered”.

The result is that the narrative of corporate communication pours so much sugar and honey that it causes a hyperglycemic crisis at the mere sight of a poster or an advertising film. However, in the reality check, the user is faced with a carnivorous plant: beautiful on the outside – to attract the victims – and deadly on the inside.Just to quote an empirical fact, yesterday, in the branch of a bank that “wanted to deserve to be my bank” I have been told in no uncertain terms, by cashing a bank check, that they had to do their controls because the check could theoretically be counterfeit. So long “kindness”, “pampers” and the many ways in which things can be said (obviously, though, I do not discuss the duty of the bank to do prevent fraud, indeed!).

But if you are not able to practice a sincere care to others (not only to customers, but in general to all those with whom you come into contact) is much better a spartan, blunt and not hypocritical communication, that calls a spade a spade, without bells and whistles, even at the cost of being brutal.

On the other hand, as an old English nursery rhyme sings,

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But names will never harm me.

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