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Category Archives: Biotech and Bioinformatics

A CRISPR-Cas9 Research and the GDPR. A case-study

Personal genetic data processing is routinely believed to be subjected to Data Protection Regulations and in particular to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. While this is – in general – true, it is important to know exactly when and until where those regulation can affect the genetic research and – therefore – the possibility […]

Enforcing the GDPR: Authority vs Legal Interpretation

In the last couple of days, commenting a Linkedin post about Article 29’s (the future European Data Protection Supervisor) opinions, I’ve been involved in an interesting thread that can be summarized as “Authority vs. Legal Interpretation”.

Playing God. CRISPR and the re-shaping of fundamental rights

I just came back from Japan where I gave a few lectures on data protection, computer forensics and genetics. I addressed this last topic at Tokyo’s Keio University with a talk titled “Playing God. CRISPR and the re-shaping of fundamental rights“. This is the agenda (the transcript is coming…): Agenda 議題 Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics […]

Upcoming Data Protection Regulation to Hampers Genetic and Pharmaceutical Research

The privacy hysteria that since twenty or so years affects policy makers and data protection authorities, reached a new peak with the upcoming data protection regulation whose text has been published last Dec, 18, 2015. While, thanks God, the text clearly states that “biosample” as such aren’t “personal data” genetic data should be defined as […]

Fay, online advertising’s goof and the information overload

In this post I’ve shown what happens when the advertising process slips out of control: a brand is associated to a wrong message because of the lack of attention to every single step of a campaign. In other times this mistake would have had dire consequences for the advertising agency… accounts fired, campaign suspended and, […]

Stop Apple and Google To Take Over Our Cars

Google just announced its “Android Auto” platform, while Apple already did  it with Carplay. Both platforms require an Internet connection and, it is just matter of time, will become more and more deeply interconnected with the car control system. But software do fail. It fails because there’s no such thing as a bug-free software, it […]

DNA Clandestine Collection, Data Protection and Rule of Evidence. Jeopardizing an Homicide Investigation?

After a three years investigation the public prosecutor of Bergamo (a city near Milan) arrested the alleged author of the homicide of a young girl. The suspect has been found thanks to a massive DNA analysis that involved about 18.000 residents of the area, that led, after the skimming of the majority of the genetic […]

Wrongful Conviction and Protection of the Innocent

Tomorrow, at the University of Milan, I shall participate to a round-table organized by the Italy Innocence Project. The topic is: The Italian Legal System and the Judiciary Mistake. Here is the full program: ERRORE GIUDIZIARIO E TUTELA DELL’INNOCENTE WRONGFUL CONVICTION AND PROTECTION OF THE INNOCENT EVENTO SPONSORIZZATO DAL CENTER FOR THE GLOBAL STUDY OF […]

Data Protetcion, MTA, Human Samples and Identity Backtracing

To comply with privacy and data-protection regulations, Material Transfer Agreements for human samples often state that the samples are either anonymous (meaning: the donor institution doesn’t know at all the ID of the patient) or anonymized (the donor institution only knows and keeps secret the patient ID.) But this compliance approach won’t work anymore, since […]

The “Specialist” Lawyer… Whatever It Means

An upcoming regulation – still in draft – will regulate the possibility for an Italian lawyer to call himself “specialist” of something. This “specialist patch” will be obtained by either attending seminars and courses or by showing evidence of practicing in a specific field (BTW, in the mandatory list of field of practice, there are […]