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Category Archives: Privacy and Data Protection

No More Mandatory Data Retention in Italy? – Update

As a consequence of the Parliament/Govern inactivity, the huge quantity of traffic data that survived the June, 30 midnight – and that some ISP might still have in its own hand, maybe hoping for a last-minute, never passed, prorogation – is currently being deleted. Right now, traffic-Database deleting schedules should have been re-set to the […]

NSA, Search Engines and Political Competitions the Frank Underwood’s Way

AntiPublic, British Airways and the Italian Data Protection Supervisor

Italy just discovered AntiPublic, the next data-leak with about half a million of personal accounts made publicly available by the lack of care of “trusted” websites in handling its “security measures”. British Airways got a shut down of its IT infrastructure due, according to the Italian newspaper, a lack of management of the business […]

Does Your Privacy Actually Matters To You?

An article published by the New York Times addresses the possible outcomes of the announced changes in the US privacy legislation that allows a free sales of people’s Internet “life”, and advise to use TOR, VPN or similar tools to “protect the right to privacy”. I actually think that the best privacy protection tool is […]

EUCJ and the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act

A friend of mine asked a quick commentary about a Telegraph news about the European Court of Justice decision that bashed the British Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act, forcing the ISPs to abid to a one-year Internet traffic data retention period. Here is my answer: It is clear that the EUCJ is following its […]

Privacy Shield Dead-On-Arrival?

As expected, Privacy Shield has been challenged in front of the EUCJ. Before wasting time and money trying to comply with this DOA thing, it would be safe to wait for the judgement.

The Italian Supreme Court: name and surname only aren’t subjected to the Data Protection Act

The Corte di cassazione (Italian Supreme Court) decision n. 20615/16 narrows the definition of “personal data” under the Italian data-protection act that enforces the data-protection directive. The merit of the decision is a legal action against a municipality accused of having published on its website the name and surname of an individual who sued the […]

Privacy Shield Officially Adopted

Here is the European Commission’s press release summarizing the content of the agreement, and here the fact-sheet. Showtime!!

What “Big Brother” and “Orwellian” actually mean

A lot of people – politicians, “gurus” and “activists” use the word “Big Brother” and “Orwellian” without having read even the cover of a George Orwell’s book. They rather want to have a look at this TED-ed short lesson, to discover what they’re actually talking about.

Is The IPhone Criminals’ Weapon of Choice?

According to NBC, Apple has been ordered by a federal judge to support the FBI in decrypting the Iphone used by the people accused of having slaughtered 14 people in San Bernardino, California, last December, 2, 2015. The court order has been necessary since Apple refused to voluntarily provide such support. These are the bare […]