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Category Archives: Copyright and IP

The EUIPO wrong notion of Internet Domains

The European Union Intellectual Property Office published a chart to advocate the superiority of the trademark registration over the domain registration as a tool to protect a brand or a business name. But these information are legally incomplete and technically wrong. Let’s see why.

How Digital Technology exposed the Audiophile Fraud

Audiophile hardware… pardon, equipment, is expensive. Full stop. It is a “given” that to enjoy “true” music you must allocate a budget that equals the purchase of a supercar otherwise, as Califano (an Italian singer) used to sing, tutto il resto Ť noia (everything else is spleen.) But is it actually so? Currently I’m listening […]

Copyright Piracy Incitation

I was looking for an HI-Res album to buy and I found it on HIRESAUDIO.COM. When I tried to buy the tunes, here is what I got:                   The short story is: if I want to pay for a legitimate copy I have to wait don’t know […]

Apple vs FBI: A Disturbing Option (for Apple)

Although PGP is widely spread and used since 25 years, after the first, early complaints nobody heard a single hiss from the FBI and its siblings about the† IOS-like “problems”. Maybe this is because of the open source license attached to PGP that allows whoever has enough brain, power and money to find ways to […]

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate and The Danger of Closed Source Intellectual Property

The not uncommon practice in the ICT/Mobile business of “doctoring”products to look good on benchmarks has find its way into the automotive (and God knows into how many others) business. Volkswagen, though, isn’t the only to blame because, true, they cheated, but no public supervising authority† ever glimpsed at the software ran by its vehicles, […]

Apple Patent on File Sharing to Infringe EU Copyright Law?

After having obtained a patent on a system to control the sales of “used” digital goods, according to Apple has been awarded a patent that would allow users to share music, video, and pictures directly with each other – without having to worry about piracy. This patent is based on the idea that a […]

Apple’s New Security Policy: Just a PR Stunt?

Apple announced not to be able anymore to hack into IOS8-based devices because of its “privacy-by-design” development strategy. Thank to this choice, according to Tim Cook, quoted by The Washington Post, it‚Äôs not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS […]

Coca-Cola And The True Meaning Of Copyright

The new Coca-Cola marketing campaign in Italy puts on its bottles quotes from popular Italian songs. Of course this has been previously negotiated with the copyrights holders but not with the single artists that sold their song to the music label. Technically speaking, Coca-Cola did nothing wrong and its activity is perfectly legal. But one […]

The Italian Copyright Levy To Legalize Digital Piracy?

The Italian Minister of culture, Franceschini (Democratic Party) issued the decree – effective by July 17, 2014 – that makes the copyright levy skyrocket up to 30 Euros per multimedia storage device. This levy (technically called “fair reward”) is supposed to compensate in advance the authors for the copy made by a user of a […]

The Italian Data Protection Authority to start a code reviewing investigation

Better late then ever: a press release from the Italian Data Protection Authority¬† advertises the data-protection oriented review of a certain number of apps. This initiative should be a major concern for the (yet unaware) software industry, whose intellectual and industrial property might be endangered by a deep peep into its well protected secrets. Neither […]