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Italian Biotech Law Conference 2008

IBLC fourth edition deals with the impact of building a forensic oriented Italian DNA database. Just for the curious, here is the programme: Tuesday, Apr 8, 2008 – h 14,00/18,15 Palazzo delle Stelline Sala PORTA Corso Magenta 61 – Milano (IT) h. 14,00/14,15 – Registration h. 14,15/14,30 Opening and welcome speech Chairman Leonardo Santi President […]

Schengen III Agreement. Italy is ready to adhere?

Rumors say that Italy will be the next country to create a nation-wide DNA forensics database. A bill has recently been proposed, and the enforcement of the Schengen III Agreement seems closer than ever.

IBLC 2007 – The conference is on!

It’s official. Italian Biotech Law Conference 2007 will start on Apr. 5 2007. Conference access is free, but registration is required (the room is big, but has its limits:) Here is the programme.

Italian Biotech Law Conference 2007

The IBLC 3th edition will take place in Milan, on Apr. 5, 2007 at the IFOM-FIRC facilities and will be available trhough webcast. The conference topic is Who Owns Bioinformation? More info on the way…