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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Iphone unlock might be legal in Italy

Iphonesimfree announces the availability of a software able to unlock Apple’s Iphone so that it can be used with any GSM operator wherever in the world. The first question that comes – then – is a legal one: is this breaking any law? Of course, in Italy there is still no case law directly related […]

A comment on Skype’s outage-related official statement

So, at the end of the day, Skype explained the reason for the outage that broke its P2P network. To make a long story short, the point is that Skype relies upon a closed source approach (that slows the bug finding process) and on Microsoft technologies that, in that specific case, create the problem. This […]

An answer to and about the Skype outage issue

A article – bounced by – quotes my Skype outage recent post as contributing to of the “list of the evil-doers who all had a chance to get blamed for Skype’s problems”. The scope of my post was to raise a general issue – distributed vs centralize network design and legal consequences – […]

An update on the Skype Log on problem

Skype denies that the outage is the result of an attack, but still failed both to demonstrate the lack of foundation for the attack announcement and clearly explain the reason that caused this sign-in problem. Standard Public Relation technique.

Skype outage raises again network design issues

Recent Skype outage, apparently fault of a denial-of-service attack on the Skype centralized login infrastructure, raises again the intrinsic flaw of designing a service or an application (even partially) based on a centralized network topology. As the recent facts show, offering a service with a Single Point of Failure creates a “domino effect” whose legal […]

Does cyberspace exist?

  This is an interview I gave to that I casually re-discovered. It is an old text, while still up-to-date. The following interview of the Italian lawyer Andrea Monti took place in Prague during the APC Europe Internet Rights Workshop. My thanks to Karen Banks and Chris Bailey of APC for inviting me to […]