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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Does “Corporate Security” read “Espionage”?

After the investigation started by the Milan Public Prosecutor Office, another case of alleged rogue corporate security and law enforcement officer case hits mainstream media. Former Corporate security head of the Internationally known luxury firm Gucci, together with private investigators and law enforcement officers have been involved into a criminal investigation ran by Florence Public […]

Cybercrime convention and Computer Forensics. A talk at DeepSec

On Nov. 14, 2008 I give a talk at DeepSec. The topic is the end of computer forensics, after the enforcement of the Cybercrime Convention.

Italian banks are not “victim” of phishing money laundering-side

On Oct. 10,02008 the Criminal Court of Milan issued an Order related to the criminal trial Docket Number 24919/05 RGNR stating that a bank whose customers were “affected” by successful phishing attacks, can seek for damages only against the phisher itself, while no civil action can be started against those who laundered the monies coming […]

Another website preemptive seizure

On Oct. 10 the Justice for preemptive investigation of the Court of Milan issued a decree of preemptive seizure against a couple of websites charged of trading cigarettes. [ 1. That in Italy is a State monopoly activity, thus forbidden to everybody but those that applied for a special license] This decree is a replica […] case. An Italian Court affirms a dangerous principle of law

N.B. Background information for this post are available here.  The Bergamo Court has overruled the preemptive seizure order with a decision that, instead of solving the problems arising from the first decision, creates worst issues. The Bergamo Court, in fact, has overruled the seizure, but only on the legal basis that “seizure” cannot be interpreted […]