Danny Monzeroll, Youtube and Copyright

Every now and then – thank to Youtube – I discover some mind-blowing musician I didn’t know about as it just happened with Canadian, Montreal based artist Danny Monzeroll.

His Pink Floyd songs arrangement for solo classical guitar is nothing but brilliant in terms of composition, execution and recording and – yes – it is freely available on Youtube. While, then, it would have been easy to “forget” about author’s right to be compensated for his work I decided to buy the album as a way to thank Mr. Monzeroll for his masterpiece.

A quick search led me to a digital download service where – and this is the next surprise – I have been given the chance to choose the price of the music AND the service (yes, because you don’t only buy the MP3 tracks, as there are multiple formats available including FLAC, ALAC an AIFF and an unlimited streaming service.)

Lesson learnt:

  • honest and serious artists command copyright’s respect. As a listener I strike a deal with the artist: I want a musician to continue delivering the songs I like, and as a quid pro quo I want to pay him to continue enjoying his creations,
  • quality is a strong drive to respect copyright. Awesome music (regardless for the genre) deservers to be compensated, time-filling, banal and “me-too” crappy noise, don’t,
  • it is not true that having copyrighted works freely available endangers its economic exploitation. People that listen music online, if given the chance, buy music – as I routinely do – even if they are not forced to do,

Conclusions: if you like Pink Floyd, by all means buy Danny Monzeroll’s album. It definitely worth it!


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