Data Retention Strikes Back in Italy

The Italian Parliament is going to pass a provision (“hidden” into an elevator’s safety decree) to re-introduces the extension of the original (and still possibly illegal) data-retention term up to 72 months.

Last June, 30 the Parliament “forgot” to give continuity to the two-year, fighting terrorism data retention term, thus allowing a huge quantity of traffic data to be deleted and now, after about twenty day, it backsteps proposing to re-introduce the obligation. And what is worse is that the Parliament did so without even performing the “stress test” on the enforcement of the Data Retention Directive bashed by the EUCJ back in 2014.

I have no direct information about the reason why the Parliament exposes this erratic behaviour. What is clear is that by interrupting the retention continuity a lot of useful information have been irremediably deleted.

This, from a strictly, privacy related perspective is not an evil thing. But I doubt that, when the Parliament let slip the data, had citizen’s interest in mind.

Ah, just in case you ask: right at the moment of this post, the Data Protection Authority didn’t hiss a single word.

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