The CIA to provide evidence of HwaWei involvement with Chinese Military and Intelligence

Even if true, where is the beef? That HwaWei got funded by Chinese military and intelligence is not an issue. Do we already forgot the “Fritz Chip”, the use of (Western-sponsored) State malware in intelligence and criminal investigation and so on?

From a national security and public policy perspective, it is ? logic that a sovereign state explores all the possibilities to obtain superiority over its foes and “friend” too. Thus – if confirmed – the proof offered by CIA of HwaWei involvement with the national security apparatus shouldn’t surprise.

National security is not the only issue at stake, because the industrial earthquake caused by the “Far East-Shift” of the communication infrastructure platform affects the possibility itself of the western industry to compete in this sector.

If a country – say the EU – is not able to provide cutting edge technologies and implement it in a large scale manufacturing process, the options are either stay stuck in a present that is quickly becoming past or stay in the future paying a very high price in terms of losing control over its communication infrastructure.

Whatever the option, the game is lost.

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