The Early 2000th BT Way to Sell the Internet

I took this picture in Liverpool (UK) back in 2006 while I was hired to assist a Swiss Television crew shooting a documentary on the Echelon’s ? station at RAF Menwith Hill base.

This British Telecom Internet Booth is interesting because of the assumptions that backed its existence:

  • there is no (or not enough) Internet@home,
  • people need Internet access everywhere,
  • non-Internet user must be given a familiar, friendly place to access the network.

A possibly more interesting thing that can be inferred from this Internet Booth is what BT thought people would love to access while on the move: music.

It looks like BT was ahead of times, having rightly understood a thing or two about people need.

Unfortunately, mobility, bandwidth, technology, copyright and business strategies of the ICT/Entertainment sectors were still in the past.

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