The (not so) hidden consequences of the GDPR mistranslations

The GDPR provisions are flawed by mistranslations (in terms of both errors and conceptual misunderstanding.) As much as this may just like an academic/cultural concern, it ain’t actually so because in the law realm words do matter.

As an example, look at the ?case C-64/95 Konservenfabrik Lubella Friedrich Büker GmbH & Co. KG v Hauptzollamt Cottbus brought to the EUCJ attention by the difference ? in the translation of an adjective (“sour” instead of “sweet”) associated with the duties on cherries to be imported into Germany.

Is the EU lost in translations?, published by the Norwegian Bergen University and Caveat Translator: Understanding the Legal Consequences of Errors in Professional Translation, authored by a scholar from the British Sheffield University clearly outline the issue at stakes.

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