Vaccines do not cause autism, do they?

Vaccines do not cause autism: this is what, according an Italian online newspaper, the Supreme Court (is supposed to have) stated, thus putting a “The End” tag to story where the viruses of superstition and ignorance plagued the mind of millions people who refused to treat their children because of a blatantly false information.

Unfortunately, there is not so much to be happy of because first, the Supreme Court only told that it hasn’t been given enough “scientific” evidence to rule in favour of the existence of cause-effect relationship between vaccines and autism. Then, as soon as somebody comes back to the Court with more “scientific” evidence, the issue will be re-considerated.

Second, as the scientific journalist Piero Angela said talking about the speed of light,

you can’t determine it by a raise of hands.

And this is true even though the hands belong to somebody wearing a robe (and – in some country – a wig.)

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