Why the UE Cookie Directive doesn’t actually protect the final user

All the fuss generated by the use of cookies by almost every website on the traditional Internet that led the EU to pass the Cookie Directive just produced a pop-up that warns the anonymous user about the presence of these digital candies. Thus, the Ad-dicted can claim to be law-abiding netizens while giving no actual privacy protection for the users. Want a proof? What follows is a cookie left on my computer by a well-known e-commerce giant: A0CJfSiKBUmZik9DPj7fCXA. Firefox tells me about it existence and expiring date, but how am I supposed to know what does this cookie means? And what difference does it make whether I am aware or not of its presence, since I have no way of understanding what’s its function?

Short: the Cookie Directive is useless and, as Cicero used to say, Summum Jus, Summa Injuria.

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